Hello. My name is

Marcus Whybrow

I become bored easily, but spend lots of time on GitHub.

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I also play the guitar...

I've been strumming away since I was nine, electric or acoustic. Muse, Queen, Rage Against the Machine, AC/DC... as long as it feels good to play or has a poignant message I wanna play it!

...and the piano...

OK. I'm not as good on this thing, but I can play some Chopin, Beethoven, and a little Rachmaninoff. And yes some Muse, since they kindled my interest in the instrument.

...and Minecraft

And steam games of course. I play games for the community aspect, I run a TeamSpeak server for my friends, and also host a private Minecraft server.

My recent GitHub repositories

I have .. repositories, follow .. people, and .. people follow me.